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Divorce Courts in Sedgwick County,


Sedgwick County District Court

Judge Name:
Hon James Fleetwood,Hon Ben Burgess,Hon Bruce Brown,Hon Chris Magana,Hon Daniel T Brooks,Hon Dave Dahl,Hon David Kaufman,Hon Douglas R Roth,Hon Eric Commer,Hon Eric Yost,Hon Faith Maughan,Hon Gregory L Waller,Hon Harold E Flaigle,Hon J Patrick Walters,Hon Jeff Goering,Hon Jeff Syrios,Hon John Kisner Jr,Hon Kevin O'Connor,Hon Mark Vining,Hon Phillip Journey,Hon Robb Rumsey,Hon Stephen Ternes,Hon Terry L Pullman,Hon Timothy G Lahey,Hon Timothy H Henderson,Hon Warren Wilbert,Hon. William Sioux Woolley,
Clerk Name:
Bernie Lumbreras
Court Address:
525 N Main, Wichita, Kansas 67203-3773
(316) 660 5801
(316) 660 5784
Clerk Hours:

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