Divorce Courts in Boone County,

Boone County District Court
Judge Name:
Kurt L. Wilke, Thomas J. Bice, James C. Ellefson, Timothy J. Finn, John J. Haney , James A. McGlynn, Gary L. McMinimee, Michael J. Moon, Steven J. Oeth, William C. Ostlund, Kurt J. Stoebe, Paul B. Ahlers, Angela L. Doyle, Lawrence E. Jahn, Adria Kester, James B. Malloy, Stephen A. Owen, Kim Riley, Steven P. Van Marel
Clerk Name:
Patricia (Patty) Freund
Court Address:
201 State Street, Boone, Iowa 50036
(515) 433 0561
(515) 433 0563
Clerk Hours:
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Alyssa Cortes
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Easy to use
Easy and quick to use!
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Yes absoluetly.
Yes absoluetly.
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We were very
We were very happy with how fast this took as long as everything works out we are very happy.
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Only by email though please
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This is a terrific way to file for divorce.