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Over 700,000 users have used CompleteCase.com to save time and money while working through their divorce.

Almost anyone seeking an uncontested divorce can use CompleteCase.com. An uncontested divorce is one in which the husband and wife can agree on how to divide their assets and debts and the custody and support of their children. Even if you do not yet have a firm agreement, going through our interview process and reviewing the perfectly completed forms will help you organize your thoughts and will bring to light any unresolved issues. You can then alter your forms as needed. You will never be charged for additions and changes.

CompleteCase.com is also often used as mediation aid for resolving contested cases.

Uncontested Divorce

A divorce in which there exists no dispute as to the division of property, debts, or the conservatorship and support of any children of the marriage. Regardless of your income, your assets and your children, if you can agree with your spouse on the details of your divorce, you can use CompleteCase.com
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Recent Feedback

My divorce was granted last Tuesday. Since I was representing myself, the court required that I be screened by a court-appointed attorney prior to my hearing with the judge. The attorney told me that everything was perfect and no corrections were needed. Thanks for your great service and for saving me so much time and money. You even gave me forms that I needed for my case that the clerk of the court failed to inform me about.

Andrew, Florida