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Divorce Courts in Greene County,

Greene County District Court

Judge Name:
Kurt L. Wilke, Thomas J. Bice, James C. Ellefson, Timothy J. Finn, John J. Haney , James A. McGlynn, Gary L. McMinimee, Michael J. Moon, Steven J. Oeth, William C. Ostlund, Kurt J. Stoebe, Paul B. Ahlers, Angela L. Doyle, Lawrence E. Jahn, Adria Kester, James B. Malloy, Stephen A. Owen, Kim Riley, Steven P. Van Marel
Clerk Name:
Janelle Groteluschen
Court Address:
114 North Chestnut, Jefferson, Iowa 50129-2144
(515) 386 2516
(515) 386 2321
Clerk Hours:

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