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Divorce Courts in Johnson County,

Johnson County District Court

Judge Name:
Patrick R. Grady, Lars G. Anderson, Marsha Bergan, Christopher L. Bruns, Mary E. Chicchelly, Fae Hoover-Grinde, Chad A. Kepros, Sean W. McPartland, Paul D. Miller, Robert E. Sosalla, Ian K. Thornhill, Mitchell E. Turner, Jason A. Burns, Casey D. Jones, Russell Glen Keast, Barbara H. Liesveld, Deborah Farmer Minot, Jane F. Spande, Angeline Wilson,
Clerk Name:
Geralyn Russ
Court Address:
417 South Clinton Street, Iowa City, Iowa 52240
(319) 356 6060
(319) 339 6153
Clerk Hours:

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Divorce with kids
It was a pretty simple and easy process and they walk you through step by step. I would recommend this to anyone going through a divorce and not wanting to spend a fortune you could be using to spend on your kids.

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Simple and helpful
The process was simple and customer service and instructions provided by Jamie D were very helpful

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