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Divorce Courts in Polk County,

Polk County District Court

Judge Name:
Arthur E. Gamble, Richard G. Blane, II, Robert J. Blink, Rebecca Goodgame Ebinger, Jeffrey D. Farrell, Mary Pat Gunderson, Robert B. Hanson, Michael D. Huppert, Robert A. Hutchison, Lawrence P. McLellan, Eliza Ovrom, Karen A. Romano, Scott D. Rosenberg, Paul Scott, Douglas Staskal, D. Stovall, Jeanie K. Vaudt, Romonda D. Belcher, James D. Birkenholz, Gregory D. Brandt, Carol L. Coppola, Susan Cox, Carol S. Egly, Louise Jacobs, Cynthia M. Moisan, Odell McGhee, II, William A. Price, Joseph W. Seidlin, Rachael E. Seymour, Colin J. Witt, Craig E. Block
Clerk Name:
Stacy M. Butterfield
Court Address:
500 Mulberry Street,Room 212, Des Moines, Iowa 50309
(515) 286 3772
(515) 323 5250
Clerk Hours:
Parking information:
Free parking is available in any of the City of Des Moines Parking Ramps. The closest locations are: 422 Walnut (entrances Walnut & 5th), 210 Second Avenue (entrance on 3rd Avenue), 4th & Grand (entrance on 4th & Grand), and the county lot south of the courthouse located at 600 Cherry Street. Bring your parking stub to the Jury Clerk for validation each day. Parking in any other facility or overtime parking tickets will be at your own expense.

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