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Divorce Courts in Scott County,

Scott County District Court

Judge Name:
Marlita A. Greve, Joel W. Barrows, Mark D. Cleve, Mary E. Howes, Henry W. Latham, Mark R. Lawson, Paul L. Macek, Thomas G. Reidel, Mark J. Smith, Nancy S. Tabor, John D. Telleen, Stuart Werling, Christine Dalton Ploof, Mark R. Fowler, Gary P. Strausser, Phillip J. Tabor, Cheryl E. Traum,
Clerk Name:
Julie Carlin
Court Address:
400 West Fourth Street, Davenport, Iowa 52801
(563) 326 8648
(563) 326 8607
Clerk Hours:

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Making A Difficult Situation Easier
This service allows making a difficult situation easier and inexpensive. Allows the parties to move on without having decisions made they really don't want.

Karen Kerkow

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Excellent way to finalize an amicable divorce
If you have an amicable relationship, this was an excellent way to work out an agreement that was beneficially mutual to both parties without being overly complicated.

Julie Brokamp

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Like Turbo Tax, but for divorce
So easy. Like Turbo Tax, but for divorce.

Elisabeth Stendera