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Divorce Courts in Monroe County,

Monroe County Chancery Court

Judge Name:
Jacqueline Mask, Michael Malski, Talmadge Littlejohn, John A. Hatcher
Clerk Name:
Ronnie Boozer
Court Address:
301 South Chestnut Street, Aberdeen, Mississippi 39730
Clerk Hours:

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Recent Feedback

Simplification of a complicated process
I tried to complete these forms on my own however given the over perplexing jargon on the forms I opted to find an alternative option. I liked how straight forward the questions were asked and how I was able to receive assistance when I needed it. The flexible payment options were also great. I also had an issue with how my payment was applied, complete case staff helped me to apply my funds were they needed to be within 20 minutes, so non of that 3-7 days wait in order to process things. They called my spouse before on my behalf as well for division of payment. All things I was very grateful for.

Lillian Flores

Recent Feedback

Completely self-explanatory
Great user interface that is mutually beneficial for uncontested divorce between couples.

Scott LeClair

Recent Feedback

Started out great...
This started out as a great experience. Then I ended up struggling with my case. I was supposed to include a copy of a Monroe County's statement of net worth. This document is 14 pages long and extremely difficult to fill out and not part of the service. I did fail over and over in my attempt to do so, even though it is a non contested divorce. I called to complain once to this website, and was contacted by several people. It turned out my case was very unique, and CompleteCase was concerned and upset that my experience was not less than stellar. They were very personal and very professional and offered to do whatever it took to make things right. I was very impressed by there concern and their efforts. I would recommend this service to anyone.

James McGowan