Divorce Courts in Cole County,

19th Judicial Circuit Court
Clerk Name:
Dawnel Davidson
Court Address:
301 E High, Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
Clerk Hours:
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Parking information:
Parking is provided in city parking lot 24. Lot 24 is located directly across the from City Hall and can be accessed from Jackson . This lot is one block S of the courthousE The juror parking is located in the rear portion of Lot 24. All other parking spaces are reserved for City employees or paid individualS Please do not park in the front row parking spaces near City Hall in Lot 24. These parking spaces are reserved for City Hall visitor parking. You have been issued a parking permit for this parking lot only. Please bring the parking permit with you on days that you are required to report for jury servicE Place the permit on the dash of your vehiclE There is no designated free parking for the public at the courthousE There are handicapped spaces on the E side of the CourthousE These spaces are between the courthouse and the county annex building. There is also a handicapped metered space on the W side of the Courthouse on Monroe . Accessible public parking is also available in the City Garage located on Madison . The accessible handicapped entrance is located on the E side of the courthouse between the courthouse and county annex building.
Do you qualify for an online divorce?
Do you know the location of your spouse?
Whether your spouse agrees to sign the divorce papers?
Have you made an agreement with your spouse on the child custody and the property division issues?