Divorce Courts in Summit County,

Summit County District Court
Court Address:
6300 Justice Center Road Ste A, Park City, Utah 84098
(435) 615-4300
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Chad Boone
Quincy, UT
Email only
Email only
Kimberly Romanoski-Belden
Akron, UT
I am very
I am very pleased with this service, because the forms worked and I am as of today, divorced. However, I was not happy to learn that it was $249 and I had to pay the court another $250. I only really used your service for the forms which I could have acquired from the courthouse for free and filled them out on my own. I feel I wasted money, but at this point, I am letting it go. I will not recommend this to a friend unless they have very little knowledge about dissolution. Most people including myself are depressed and feel depressed during such a time. I would have felt it fair to charge $100 for the convenience, but otherwise, it seems like taking advantage of people. I realize I didn't need to pay such a price for your services based on my knowledge. Take my comments as you will. Just being honest. I appreciate the forms.
Heather M Brooks
Norton, UT
The has been
The has been fantastic so far! Thank you for the quick response and quick preparation of documents!
michael beecher
harker heights, UT
Yes, please contact
Yes, please contact me if there is any questions or concerns about my case Michael Beecher ph.254-368-7988
Jessica Aleman
Akron, UT
Great service, busy
Great service, busy life. thanks for the help.