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How to complete a "do it yourself" divorce in California?

A do it yourself divorce is not only easy -- it is affordable for California residents. It is also 100% legal and court approved. On websites such as Complete Case, the entire process takes less than half an hour. The key is using a source that has legal forms that are approved by the California Judicial Council. This makes the entire do it yourself divorce process quick and painless. California is one of the few states that does not bother with fault-cause divorces. If you cannot agree how to divide up your property then the court will do that for you. You don't need a divorce lawyer if you can work out the settlement of your divorce yourself.

Check to see if you pre-qualify for a do it yourself Divorce

Once you begin the online process you are screened to see if you qualify for a do it yourself divorce. You receive an answer in only a few seconds. It is a simple, three-step process. Doing your own divorce can save you thousands and thousands of dollars. An excellent tip is to find a site that offers you a 100% court approval guarantee. For California residents, the pre-qualification process involves answering three questions. Those questions involve:

  • The location of your spouse
  • Does your spouse agree with the terms of the divorce?
  • Whether or not children are involved.


Creating a Divorce Petition is easy with Complete Case


The simple yes or no questions streamline the entire process. Once you are pre-qualified, you simply fill out the online forms. There are 13 categories of forms that are very easy to complete. Some of the information required for the California do it yourself divorce process includes the addresses for both you and your spouse, the date and location of your marriage, assets and debts, a listing of community property, etc. You can literally do this is 20 minutes.

Review, correct, sign and file

Once the forms are filled out you can print the forms, and then both you and your spouse may review the forms for accuracy. If you both agree that the forms are accurate, then fax them to the appropriate courthouse in your area. You never have to go to the courthouse, nor stand before a judge. The judge will review your paperwork and then approve or disallow them. The papers are returned to you via mail, and your divorce is either complete, or you may need to supply further information. It is literally that simple to complete a do it yourself divorce in California. The process is quick, painless, and 100% guaranteed. Not every divorce is messy. If you and your spouse are in agreement, then try a do it yourself divorce. Completecase.com makes it simple and affordable, and the results are 100% legal. This is a case where you should take the easy way out and avoid all of the legal expenses that the traditional divorce process will cost you.

Do you qualify for an online divorce?

Do you know the location of your spouse?
Is your spouse in agreement regarding this divorce and willing to sign the divorce papers with you?
Do you and your spouse have any children under the age of 18 from this marriage?