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What are divorce laws in Georgia?

Divorce laws in Georgia are the set of legal statutes that oversee the dissolution of a marriage contract between adults. The divorce laws are set in place to list the rules that involve division or property, child custody and support, and even spousal support. The overall goal of the divorce laws in Georgia is to provide a way to legal separate a married couple into two independent legal entities. The divorce laws are written with the worst case scenario in mind. Those would be for fault-cause types of divorces where the cause of the failure of the marriage is due to an event caused by one or both parties. These are nasty affairs and full of drama and finger pointing.

How Divorce Laws are Divided

In terms of how to file for divorce in George, the Georgia divorce laws are divided into two categories. Those are no fault and fault-case. In fact, Georgia allows only 13 reasons for divorce. only one reason is allowed for no fault divorce, and that is irretrievably broken. The other 12 reason must be proven in court.

Fault-Cause:If you are filing for divorce and are going the fault-cause route, then you will need a lawyer. There are a couple of songs that paint a vivid picture of what fault-cause divorces are like. Those are Bust your windows by Jazmine Sullivan and Before he Cheats By Carrie Underwood. Both of those songs show a side to relationship that nobody really wants to see let along have to live in as a marriage. These songs are not the extreme. Some divorces are far worse then what you see here. There is another way though... the peaceful and calm way.

No Fault: If you want to file for divorce without a lawyer, the divorce laws in Georgia permit that process only under the no fault divorce option. This is for couples who know they need a divorce and that have worked out how to divide up their property and debts. It is civil, sane, and actually pretty easy too. If that is the route, you want to go then sites like Complete Case will help you to fill out your legitimate divorce petition. There are four quick steps or you can go the fault-cause way and air all the dirt in front of a judge. All the claims and testimony in a fault-cause divorce become public information.

How to File a No Fault Divorce

Step 1: Can you File for divorce in Georgia? Determine if your divorce is eligible for a no fault divorce process. Complete Case offers a three question quiz that takes about 10 seconds to complete. The results are instant.

Step 2: Prepare your Divorce Petition: If eligible for a no fault divorce, then complete the divorce petition. The system will ask you a series questions and ask that you input data that detail the facts of your marriage. These will include information about your marriage, income, debts, community property, non-community property, children and pregnancy, and where you both live. The process is quick, easy and many people are done in as little as 20 minutes. Best of all, the process is cheap. If you can avoid spending thousands of dollars on divorce lawyers then consider using completecase.com. Complete Case puts the power of the law into your hands. Plus, all of the dirt stays under the rug. The Georgia court is not interested in why your marriage has failed, unlike in the fault-cause case.

Step 3: Review and Sign. What needs to happen during this part of the process is that you and your spouse need to both review the divorce petition, and if you agree with the division of property then you sign the forms. If you do not agree, then you will need to come to an agreement before you file for divorce. If necessary use a mediator to help overcome differences. Once the divorce petition is signed, and you will need two copies with original signatures you will have to file the papers with the Superior Court in the county where your spouse lives. If your spouse no longer lives in Georgia, then you can file the divorce petition in the county where you live.

Step 4: The last step is simply to wait. The judge will review your case, and if they approve your divorce, you will both be sent a copy of the divorce petition stating such. The minimum amount of time for a divorce to become final in Georgia is 30 days.

Do you qualify for an online divorce?

Do you know the location of your spouse?
Is your spouse in agreement regarding this divorce and willing to sign the divorce papers with you?
Do you and your spouse have any children under the age of 18 from this marriage?