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Is online divorce allowed in Georgia?

Couples hoping to file Online divorce documents will be dismayed in Georgia. The state of Georgia does not accept divorce petitions that are filed by fax or online. That does not mean that you cannot begin an online divorce in Georgia. It simply means that you will have to file your divorce petition in person.

Chose the Type of Divorce you want

Fault-Cause: Georgia recognized fault-cause divorce and no fault divorce. The two are markedly different. A fault-cause divorce is dramatic, bitter, and there is a lot of fighting over property, cause, and debts. This is where Jerry Springer stands before Judge Judy and then tell her all about the private parts of your marriage. Someone has to be at fault in a fault-cause divorce. He cheated with my sister! She cheated with the mailman! It just gets uglier from there. If your Georgia peach turned into a prune or if your perfect Georgia gentleman is a Bubba in disguise then you may need to shell out the thousands of dollars for divorce lawyers. If not, consider a do it yourself divorce.

Do it Yourself: Because Georgia recognizes no fault and fault-cause divorce cases, some cases can be started in an online setting and then filed in person. No fault divorce cases where the couple agrees that the divorce is necessary and have reasonably sorted out their possessions will find the most benefit from using online divorce petitions. Sites like Complete Case offer an easy alternative to using a lawyer. The site offers an easy format to complete online divorce petitions. In fact, they have made the process so painless that it can be completed in as little as 20 minutes. The process is quick, cheap and legitimate. Because completecase.com uses forms that are approved by Georgia courts the process of filing for divorce is much quicker. Here is how it works:

How to File a Do it Yourself Divorce

1. Meet the Requirements: Start with the online quiz to see if your divorce qualifies. It is a three question quiz that helps to satisfy the demands that Georgia insists be met before a divorce can be filed. These include residency requirements. It will ask you where you live, where your spouse lives, and whether or not you have children. They make it really easy, and the results are instant.

2. Write the Divorce Petition: If you qualify, then you can start to work on your online divorce petition. This is also a fairly easy process. The system will ask you a series of question that cover the aspects of your marriage. The questions are easy to answer. They involve things like:

  • Where you were married.
  • About children, pregnancy, and child care and support.
  • Community Property and property that is not community.
  • Debt, Both debt that was incurred as a married couple and debt that you had before you were married.
  • Income information. Who makes what and where do you work.
  • Even military information.

The answers to these questions form the online divorce petition. Once you have answered all the questions as best you can, save and print the document.

Step 3: Review and Sign: Print two copies. One copy will go to your spouse. Both you and your spouse will need to review the document for accuracy and if necessary to completeness. If the forms are complete and correct, then sign them.

Step 4: File: The next, and last step is to file them. They need to be filed in person at a superior courthouse in the Georgia county where your spouse lives.

Then all you have to do is wait. The judge will review your divorce petition. It takes at least 30 days for a divorce to become final in Georgia. Thanks to sites like completecase.com the online divorce process in Georgia becomes simple, painless and legitimate.

Do you qualify for an online divorce?

Do you know the location of your spouse?
Is your spouse in agreement regarding this divorce and willing to sign the divorce papers with you?
Do you and your spouse have any children under the age of 18 from this marriage?