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What Does a Settlement Agreement or Separation Agreement Contain in Missouri?

There are few forms more important to an uncontested divorce in Missouri than a settlement or separation agreement. While a settlement agreement refers to a divorce and a separation agreement refers to a legal separation, both documents contain essentially the same information. They are designed to map out all conceivable issues between a couple that is parting ways. From property division to spousal support, settlement or separation agreements define how things will look after the divorce for both you and your spouse.

What a Settlement or Separation Agreement Contains

With the possible exception of parental rights – part of a different document – your settlement or separation agreement covers everything you want covered in your divorce. The state of Missouri wants the divorce process to be as clean and easy as possible. This saves the state time and money and does the same for you. With a settlement or separation agreement, you prove that your divorce is truly uncontested, putting you on the fast track to the dissolution of your marriage.

Keep in mind that your settlement agreement is a legally binding document. Once the court goes over it and approves your divorce, all the things you agreed to will be enforced by the court. This is why it is worthwhile to take your time when drafting your settlement agreement and get everything right. You want to have a document and an agreement that both you and your spouse can stand behind after your marriage has ended.

Why You Should Complete A Settlement or Separation Agreement

If you want to take advantage of all the benefits an uncontested divorce offers, you need to complete a settlement or separation agreement. It will provide you and your spouse with a definite framework for how your lives will look after the divorce and it will make your divorce as quick and easy as possible.

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