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How do I file for divorce in Pennsylvania?

For those Pennsylvania couples who have had seen the "last straw broken" and want to file for divorce then consider a do it yourself divorce and be done with it. The state of Pennsylvania allows two types of divorce proceedings to occur. The first is a no fault divorce. This a simple divorce after all of the yelling, crying and name calling is done. This is the kind of divorce that occurs when both parties are in agreement about how the divorce and how property and child rearing responsibilities will be divided.

Slinging Mud

The second type of divorce is a fault-grounds divorce. This is often the Judge Judy version of divorce. A fault-cause divorce is what your neighbors are interested in and it occurs when one party wants to end the marriage based on the fault of the other party. In a fault-ground based divorce, lawyers are used to argue out the settlement, and the court then decides if the case is complete and whether there are grounds for divorce.

The peaceful and no-drama way to dissolve your marriage.

The easiest of the two types of divorce is a no fault divorce. For those couples who want to file for divorce and avoid the expense of using lawyers the good news is that sites like completecase.com make the process simple. In fact, if you have all of your information together you can complete the paperwork online in as little as 20 minutes. This process works well because the site uses divorce forms that are approved by the Pennsylvania courts.

Take the Prequalification quiz to see if you can file for a no fault divorce

You can go online to Complete Case and take the qualification quiz. It is a three question quiz, and the results are instant. It will ask you questions such as do you know the address of your spouse? Are their children involved? etc. Having a child or being pregnant does not disqualify you from using the site to file for divorce.

Easy, painless and cheap way to create a divorce Petition

The next step is to fill out the online divorce forms. There are 13 sections or topics that will need to be completed. That may sound like a lot of work but the system makes the process painless, easy, and affordable.

The online version of filling out these forms is quick and painless. The process can take as little as 20 minutes, and those may be the best 20 minutes of your marriage. Best of all these forms make the process legitimate.

What to expect when filling out your divorce petition

What you should expect when you file for divorce is to answer questions about your marriage. Those include:

  • What is the community property?
  • Who will be responsible for which community debts, such as credit cards, car loans, and even school loans.
  • How will child care and child support be handled?
  • Who do you owe money too?
  • Job and earnings information.

You don't have to get into the personal part of your marriage or explain why your marriage is ending. You can leave all that baggage at the door and just move on with your lives. The process is not difficult, and the site makes it easy enough to be comprehensive to the Pennsylvania courts.

Check your work, Sign and File!

The third step is to review the documents. You and your spouse will need to review all of the documents and then sign them if you agree to the terms that are spelled out within the documents. Remember that these are legal documents and that what you agree to is binding. If you do not agree to the terms outlined then do not sign the forms. The process, for those who file for divorce, needs to be in agreement otherwise the do it yourself divorce will not work.

After you File: Hurry up and Wait

Once you have both agreed to file for divorce, and the forms are signed you will need to file them with the court and pay your court fees. After 90 days, the divorce will become final. In the meantime, a judge will review the documents for completeness. If the judge finds the documents to be in order, the divorce will be approved, and 90 days later your marriage will be dissolved.

Do you qualify for an online divorce?

Do you know the location of your spouse?
Is your spouse in agreement regarding this divorce and willing to sign the divorce papers with you?
Do you and your spouse have any children under the age of 18 from this marriage?