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Is online divorce allowed in Pennsylvania?

Online divorce is not allowed in Pennsylvania, but then neither is online marriage. Even if you met online, dated online, and found true love online, Pennsylvania will not allow you to file for an online divorce. However, the no fault divorce process can begin online with sites like comletecase.com. To begin the online divorce process start with the qualification quiz found on the site.

Take the Quiz: Your divorce might be perfect for the do it yourself divorce.

The quiz will let you know if you qualify for a no fault divorce in the state of Pennsylvania. The biggest obstacle is the residency requirement. PA law requires that one spouse be a legal resident of PA and that they have been thus for at least six months. They must also have lived in the county where they will be filing for divorce. Many couples choose to file for divorce themselves because the process is cheap and legitimate.

Fast, affordable, and legitimate: divorce petition online

The online divorce forms make the process quick and painless too, but it does not work for everyone. A no fault divorce is for couples who have reached the point where they realize that a divorce is necessary. It is not for people who are still fighting and flinging dishes. This is for people who have already done all of that and are ready to move on to new horizons.

Step 1: Answer the questions:

To continue with the online process to file for divorce, just gather all of the information that you need. There are 13 categories of questions that the site will ask you. Relax, the process is quick and can be completed in 20 minutes if you have all of the information that you need. The questions involve information about:

  • Community property
  • Community debts
  • Living arrangements for you and your spouse
  • Child rearing and support
  • Assets and debts that are not community in nature.
  • Employer information and Wage information
  • Military information, etc.

The beauty of using a site like Complete Case is that it is so simple to file for divorce. Once the forms are filled out, the next step is for both parties to review the forms for completeness and accuracy. If there is a dispute, you can use mediation to settle that dispute and then continue with the online forms. Once both parties are in complete agreement, the forms will need to be signed. Pennsylvania courts requires two sets of divorce papers with legal signatures.

Step 2: Review your Work, Sign and File

The very last step is to file the divorce papers with the PA court. The site will direct you to the appropriate court. Once the papers are reviewed by the clerk and filed a judge will review them and approve your divorce. The process takes 90 days from the date that you file for divorce with the court.

When you file for divorce in PA using an online site to complete the divorce forms the process of dissolving your marriage becomes much simpler. It is also a cheap and inexpensive way to end a marriage. Because Complete Case uses forms that are approved by the Pennsylvania court system the process of filing for divorce need not involve lawyers so long as everyone is in agreement. A do it yourself divorce in PA is easy and painless. It is also the fastest way to move on with your life.

Do you qualify for an online divorce?

Do you know the location of your spouse?
Is your spouse in agreement regarding this divorce and willing to sign the divorce papers with you?
Do you and your spouse have any children under the age of 18 from this marriage?