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What are divorce laws in Pennsylvania?

Divorce laws in Pennsylvania are the laws the govern domestic relationships. A marriage is a civil agreement and like a contract it has divorce laws that spell out how to undo that contract. Divorce laws in Pennsylvania are governed by the Family Court. The Divorce laws in Pennsylvania apply to no fault divorce and fault-grounds divorce. They oversee the aspects of divorce such as property distribution and child custody concerns.

The Judge Judy Divorce

When a couple files for a divorce under the guidelines of fault-grounds divorce, the divorce is usually contested by one party. This is a situation that involves lawyers who argue out each sides case and who help to settle aspects of the divorce before the couple must stand before a judge. Divorce laws are in place to guide lawyers and help couples dissolve their marriage. A contested divorce, such as a fault-grounds divorce, is not an easy process for either party. The costs of these kinds of divorce are paid for emotionally and in legal fees to the lawyers who represent the case. Plus there is all the emotional baggage. Unlike the airlines, the Pennsylvania court does not have a baggage limit.

The Quick and Painless divorce

When a couple uses the divorce laws of PA to file a no fault divorce, the picture is often different. This is a type of do it yourself divorce where both parties are in agreement about how property should be distributed and how child custody and support should take place. Maybe you have just grown apart or maybe there was significant problems such as adultery. In the no fault divorce, the court does not care. The divorce is uncontested, and all that remains is the division of property. The Pennsylvania court system recognizes that marriages breakdown and that couples can reasonably settle their own affairs. An outstanding resource for couples who choose to go the no fault divorce route is completecase.com. The site makes filling out the comprehensive divorce papers a painless, quick and cheap process. The online process works as follows:

The Three Step Process for Divorce

First, complete the three question pre-qualification quiz that will determine if you and your spouse qualify for using the online do it yourself divorce system.

Second, create an online divorce petition. The process of filling out your divorce forms can be as quick as 20 minutes. The system will ask you to list all of the community property, debts, income, and personal information such as where you work, where you live, and information about children, pregnancies, and support.

Third, File your papers. The process works well because the site uses forms that are approved by the Pennsylvania court system. Once you have filled out the online reports both parties will need to review them forms and then sign them. The last and final step is to file the forms with the family court via the clerk.

What happens afterwards?

The clerk will scan the forms for completeness and accept them. The PA family court requires that you file two sets of divorce papers. The clerk will copy them and return to you two copies. One is for you and the other for your soon to be ex-spouse. Once the court has accepted the documents, a judge will review the case and then approve the divorce if all is in order. The period is 90 days from the date you file for divorce until the divorce is approved.

Complete Case makes a do it yourself divorce that easy, and you save a bucket of money by not paying lawyers to argue your case. Plus, you don't have to drag all of your dirty laundry to court. It is a painless process.

Do you qualify for an online divorce?

Do you know the location of your spouse?
Is your spouse in agreement regarding this divorce and willing to sign the divorce papers with you?
Do you and your spouse have any children under the age of 18 from this marriage?