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What does a settlement agreement or separation agreement contain in Texas?

A settlement separation agreement in Texas is the entire set of divorce papers. The packet is comprehensive, and each divorce must contain a settlement separation agreement. In the case where the divorce is protested, and a judge or jury must decide the judge or lawyers may be forced to complete the settlement separation agreement for the couple.

What kind of Information goes on a settlement separation agreement?

Mostly what a settlement separation agreement contains are all the details that are needed to dissolve a marriage.Those include:

  • The allocation and ownership to assets
  • Debt information, including the distinction between personal debt and community debt.
  • Responsibility for childcare and child support.
  • Spousal support.
  • Income, wage and earning information and outside income such as from investments.
  • Military information
  • Who you own money
  • Where each of you live.
  • Etc.

Creating a settlement separation agreement

While the settlement separation agreement is complex and legally binding, the process of creating one is not difficult. If you are filing for a no fault divorce in Texas, you do not even need a lawyer. Sites like Complete Case make the process of completing a settlement separation agreement very simple, quick and cheap.

When you use completecase.com the settlement separation agreement will contain information about your marriage. You will be asked to answer questions that detail your marriage these include;

  • It will list both your name and your spouse's name.
  • It will list your children from this marriage and ask whether or not there is a pregnancy involved.
  • It will list all of your properties and debts.
  • It will ask which of you is the petitioner for a divorce.
  • It will list both yours and your spouse's employment details.
  • It will list your current address and your spouse's current address.
  • It will list all of your community debts regardless of who is responsible for them.
  • It will ask you to list all other types of income such an inheritances, insurance payouts, etc.
  • It will list all of the money that is owed by the couple.
  • It will ask for all of the Military information involved if one or both of you serve or have served in the armed forces.
  • It will summarize all of this information.
  • The planning portion will allocate which of you will receive which pieces of community property.
  • The planning portion will also allocate which of you is responsible for which portions of community debt. The balance must equal 100% of all outstanding debt.
  • The plan will detail childcare and child support and who is responsible for that.

As you can see, the settlement separation agreement is complex. However, completecase.com makes the process painless. If you are considering filing for divorce in Texas, visit Complete Case and see if your divorce can be this easy!

Do you qualify for an online divorce?

Do you know the location of your spouse?
Is your spouse in agreement regarding this divorce and willing to sign the divorce papers with you?
Do you and your spouse have any children under the age of 18 from this marriage?