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divorce documents 100% guaranteed
100% Guarantee of court approval or your money back

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Divorce online is fast and easy is the premier affordable divorce center.

Our simple and inexpensive process provides you with completed divorce documents in as little as 20 minutes. Access your completed divorce forms after a short online interview. There are no lengthy completion or delivery periods.

The divorce documents are customized to your state, your children, your income, assets and any other factors in your case. Follow the provided instructions, print, sign and file with the court.

Affordable uncontested divorce. Start Now.

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Rebecca Wallace, California

Within one day I was signed up, I was able to fill out the questions and print out the forms and submit them. It was a very easy process that I was worried about, especially having a house and kids. It made it a very positive experience and very inexpensive.

Saundra J., New York

I had a positive experience with because it was self-explanatory. I would definitely recommend it to a friend because it's so fairly priced and extremely easy to use. Thank you so much!

Chris C., Ohio

I was looking for an online service to do a divorce and I was very happy to find CompleteCase. Their longtime experience made me feel very comfortable when choosing them to work with. Their question and answer process was extremely simple and when I needed additional help they were very prompt in responding. Overall it was very economical. I saved money by not paying the high price attorney fees.

Frederick Z., Georgia

I wanted to compliment CompleteCase on the ease of use for filing for divorce, uncontested divorce. It literally took 20 minutes, very simple questions I answered. I would highly recommend them with regards to the cost, the ease of use, everything's online, it's simple, straightforward. I would definitely recommend it to any of my contemporaries, my friends that happen to be going through the same situation as I am with the divorce.

Lee G., Alabama

What made it so easy was decompressed what would have been several weeks of confirming and verifying a set of legal documents to a 15-20 minute questionnaire. Simple straightforward questions that anybody can understand. The instructions that come along with the finished product, which is fantastic, make the filing process very simple. Each step is outlined and detailed and there is really no question left.

Winter H., Virginia

CompleteCase honestly helped me on my ex-husband eliminate the expense of spending thousands of dollars on seeking legal representation to have access to completing our divorce in a legal and proper manner, and the division of assets and property and even child custody and visitation. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have a resource like this. My pocketbooks are definitely appreciative.

Michael M., California

I used this year to complete my uncontested divorce and it was very economical, very affordable. The tutorial walked me through the process so it was very easy to complete the paperwork, and the customer service in terms of the follow-up was expedient and professional as promised.

Ted P., Michigan

I used to get my divorce finalized. And it was very quickly and very easy, and it didn't cost me a lot of money. And even though me and my ex lived in different states at that time it didn't matter. I got the paperwork overnight. It was quick and it was easy and I would highly recommend it to anybody who is in a situation to get a divorce. And it really helps save a lot of time.

April F., Missouri

It was an awesome experience and easy to do and self-explanatory. It's easy, they do all the work for you and tell you exactly what to do. And all you do is fill it out - the questionnaire online - and then they take it and email you 40 pages. And you take it to the courthouse and file.

Commitment to customers

  • Thousands of dollars saved in legal fees
  • Easy and fast process
  • Up to date and 100% accurate forms
  • Phone & email help available from our experienced legal professionals
  • Access to legal advice from attorneys in your area
  • Unlimited changes to your forms within 30 days
  • Ideal solution for home and abroad military members
  • Optional Last Will & Testament completion & storage ($500.00 value)

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So easy you could closed your eyes and do it
Adrian L.
Bergenfield, New Jersey
Retirement accounts
This was a easy process.
Robert m.
Marion, North Carolina